Welcome to Christmas Lights and Holiday Decorations, learn about decorating for the holidays with Christmas lights – perfect for celebrating indoors or outdoors!

Christmas and New Years get people in the mood to start thinking about mini lights, and with a few tips people, will admire the spirit and festivity of your home. Hanging Christmas decorations throughout your house in the right places will transform your surroundings and make it shine for the holidays. Family and guests alike will enjoy the Christmas tree, wreaths, and decorations during the holiday season.

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Christmas mini lights are the centerpieces of any Christmas decoration project. It is easy to spot them on the streets, homes, doors, roofs and of course, on Christmas trees. There are three main groups of Christmas lights - white or colored mini lights, the larger C7 and C9 strands of bulbs, and the new LED Christmas lights that are very energy-efficient and last for many years.

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Today is a good day to plan the final touches of your Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Make sure that they all work properly and the installation is safe. This is an important consideration regardless of your climate or location.

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Outdoor Christmas Lights

Your Christmas decorating plans should always include some type of Christmas lights – either mini lights, C7 or C9 light strings, or LED Christmas lights. Otherwise, the decoration will look incomplete and your house might not sparkle like others in the neighborhood. Christmas lights are crucial to dress up your home and give it a warm and magical feeling during the holiday season.

If there is a front yard, hang white or multi-colored mini Christmas lights around the bushes. The best kind of lighting for bushes are definitely net lights, which are mini lights already assembled in a pattern to make applying them to the bushes very easy. If there are trees in the yard, try to hang lights as high as possible - this lets neighbors and visitors see the Christmas lights from a distance. Traditional garden lighting can be transformed into Christmas lights just by changing the white light bulb for a red or green one.. This is a very cost-effective way of using the existing fixtures at your home.

There are a large variety of Christmas lights specially designed for roof installations. The most economic way of decorating the roof is using a string of lights around the edge, which many people do with the C7 or C9 light strings or twinkle bulbs. Use only one color to make it look clean and simple, or use multi-colored lights to get the festive happy look. Some homeowners use these same C7 lights to light and create a pathway that directs people to the house. The front porch and pillars are also good places to locate these string lights, LED Christmas lights, or mini lights in coordinating colors.

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When planning your holiday decor inside the house, remember to place your Christmas tree somewhere close to an outlet so it is easy to decorate and illuminate with mini lights or LED lights. Pure White or Warm White LED lights are becoming a popular choice for lighting trees because they stay cool to the touch and are less likely to cause fires with Christmas trees.

Nowadays, the variety of Christmas lights is huge and basically anything you can imagine is out there - explore the huge selection of Christmas lights available and order early, many stores, retailers, and websites sell out quickly as the season progresses.


Explore some of the creative designs people have created using lights to decorate - visit Flickr or YouTube to see more!